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Sibylle Vorndran

Coaching and consultancy services for companies, management and individuals in professional transition

Systemic • Solution-Focussed Consulting • Am part of a network of experts

As an executive you want to design your areas of responsibility rather than have them form you.
You want to know how best prepare your company for the inevitable up and coming changes.
You seek clarity when it comes to making career choices or simply wish to be more content in your job.

In an atmosphere of mutual trust we will work together on these and related topics, always with a focus on pragmatic solutions, but without it seeming like hard work.

You do not need my expertise if you are already happy doing your job, or in your role as an executive you already unfurl your employees’ potential to their upmost. „Potential-Entfalter*in“ für Ihre Mitarbeiter*innen sind oder Veränderungsprozesse in Ihrem Unternehmen dadurch gekennzeichnet sind, dass alle Beteiligten dahinter stehen und mit eigenen Ideen kreativ ans Werk gehen.

A brief call will make it clear if and how my work can be of use to you.

Sibylle Vorndran
| Consultancy services
| Coaching and Supervision (DGSv)
| Management Training Sessions

Office address
Crellestr. 35 | 10827 Berlin
Mobil +49 175 299 63 11

Consultation rooms
Supervisionszentrum Berlin
Crellestr. 21
10827 Berlin-Schöneberg


Last year your organisation was restructured and you were responsible for managing it. You knew right from the word go what had to be done: those colleagues and employees affected were on board from the start and the changes made were transparent and communicated to all. The result was that everyone concerned implemented the changes not only willingly, but creatively in their respective areas.

This is what you hope for during the next process of restructuring in your organisation.

I would be delighted to discuss with you how that might best be achieved. Mobile Phone +49 175 299 63 11 | Email sibylle@vorndran.consulting

Leading with impact

* Copyright Elisabeth Ferrari

You were immediately thrilled when, due to your terrific performance in your job, you were offered a leadership position. You had long thought of how you might be given more responsibility and creative leeway in your job.

The first things you did were to get an idea of the requirements of the new post, to talk to your line managers about their expectations and to organize a meeting with your new team. With your rousing inaugural speech you were able to enthuse your colleagues from the start and have them share the department’s goals. In due course, you did all you could to talk to everyone as often as possible in order to ensure that each and every one was able to flourish in their job.

Now, everything runs as you had hoped for. Conflicts, envy, apathy and resistance – these are things other departments experience. In your department a friendly and refreshingly creative atmosphere is immediately apparent, a working environment in which mistakes are accepted and seen as opportunities to learn and new ideas are welcomed. With this mindset, constructive criticism and appreciation are the norm.

Women in Leadership

Already early onwards in your professional development you enjoyed taking responsibility. Yet, as a rather reserved person, your former employer usually overlooked you when making personnel decisions, which you attributed to your not yet perfectly developed competencies. When the time came and you decided to change jobs you were offered a management position at your current organisation. Initially you were unsure whether you would be able to meet the demands there.

Right at the beginning, however, you were assigned a mentor. This showed you a lot about the equality and diversity already practised in your new organisation. You are excelling in your role. Your success proves your company is doing it right: compared to others, your organisation is one of the most innovative and popular employers in the sector and is well positioned in the market. Promoting diversity and mixed teams are not just spoken about in your organisation. They are reflected by the fact that all employees are encouraged in their development and are supported in doing so. For you personally, this was a stroke of luck - in another environment you would not have dared to lead a team so early and would have preferred to let others take the lead.

Is this or something similar what you imagine for your leadership role?

Do call or email me and arrange an appointment. Mobile Phone +49 175 299 63 11 | Email sibylle@vorndran.consulting

The successful development of your team or company is complete, and now you want to take stock. In this, it is important to you to involve all those who have accompanied you thus far. You take your colleagues and employees on a journey through time, in order to reflect both on the successful path that has led to today as well as on the detours that were made on the way. With knowledge of all that has been achieved so far, everyone concerned is full of energy and highly motivated to work on developing a strategy for the coming years. Everybody goes back to work in the secure knowledge that the organisation has what it takes to meet the challenges of the future.

You are thinking about a realignment of your team or company and you would like some professional guidance in this endeavour?

Mobile Phone +49 175 299 63 11 | Email sibylle@vorndran.consulting

As an experienced project manager, you know that projects often fail to achieve their objectives or produce results that in retrospect no one uses. Therefore, before each and every new project you ask yourself the following key questions: What is the problem that this project is supposed to help solve? What therefore is the goal of the project? Who do I need to have on board and how best should I communicate both within the project team and to those beyond, in order to complete the project successfully? Not only are there lessons learned at the end of the project, but during it you and your team reflect regularly on the state of play in order to ensure that you are aware of the risks and problems that could jeopardize the project at any time. Your success shows that you knew what you were doing: your projects are always completed on time and your clients and customers are thrilled.

Would you like your projects to run like this? I would be happy to hear from you on this matter.

Mobile Phone +49 175 299 63 11 | Email sibylle@vorndran.consulting

Being responsible for personnel in the organization, you are in charge of organising the training programmes for those moving into leadership positions. You offer the latest professional development modules designed to support the participants in honing their leadership skills, in learning to communicate convincingly, in bringing colleagues on board and moving change in the organisation forward. Each and every training seminar is perfectly designed to fit the work experiences of the participants in order that the new material learned can be quickly implemented in their day-to-day work.

You would welcome some support when it comes to implementing your innovative leadership skills programme?

Do call me. Mobile Phone +49 175 299 63 11 | Email sibylle@vorndran.consulting

Upon completion of the restructuring of the division you observe that all is not well in your team: energy is dissipated, ideas fall on stony ground, work with other departments is draining and often leads to conflicts. Existing processes no longer fit with the new structures. However, you manage during a workshop with your superiors to discuss shared problems and possible solutions. Along with more transparency from above, you succeed in having all participants agree to steps that all can see are necessary for a solution. You try these steps out and now hear from your colleagues that they are again more motivated to come to work.

Can you imagine this happening in your team or division?

I look forward to hearing from you either by phone or by email.Mobile Phone +49 175 299 63 11 | Email sibylle@vorndran.consulting

“Not another change – I’ve hardly got used to the last one!”

When you heard from your boss that over the coming months massive changes in your job description are due to take place, you were at first shocked. Having then asked yourself what it is that you actually really enjoy about your job, you quickly noticed that your are pretty well positioned for the new tasks required of you and indeed that the forthcoming changes will lead to some improvements for you. You come to realize that even significant job or career upheavals can lead to both greater professional satisfaction and more freedom.

“Is this really the place for me?”

At first sight your new job with a well-known market leader appeared to be just right for you, a new challenge and you felt proud to be part of a well-regarded company. However, you quickly noticed that this is not the place for you despite the admiration and support you received from your friends and colleagues. Once you were clear what it is you actually want and like to do professionally, you knew what steps to take next in order once again to feel happy at work and to feel that what you have to offer can have an impact.

Challenging rather than over-challenging yourself

After years of success at work you ask yourself how are you supposed to deal with the ever-increasing burdens? You seem to be a victim of your own success. The analysis of the recipe for professional success that had thus far served you so well, made it immediately clear that what in the past had worked, either no longer has an impact or requires too much of your energy. In this way the path was cleared for new approaches. Today, as before, when you get back home from work you are able to enjoy your well-earned time off without work-related worries.

Does one of these scenarios sound familiar to you? Is this how you imagine its resolution panning out?

Sounds like a good reason to contact me! Mobile Phone +49 175 299 63 11 | Email sibylle@vorndran.consulting


Approaches and Methods

Sibylle Vorndran

In order to ensure future effective action in a working environment constantly in transition, be it in my training sessions or my consultancy services I have found it to be essential to be able to work closely with you in order to find the right starting points. It is important not only to secure or increase the success and the quality of the work you and your team do, but also for you to be able to benefit in your everyday professional life from what has been learned. Listening, slowing down, reducing complexity or broadening perspectives are just as much part of my job as is the uncovering of as yet unused skills and resources in order to have the greatest impact for the least expenditure.

You and your objectives are always at the centre of my work. I will support you with a light touch on the route you want to take, but still clearly focused on the objective at hand.

Being in the right place at the right time!

For some years now I have been able to experience myself what it means to be in the right profession – something I also want my clients to achieve.

I love the work I do and there are days when I can hardly believe my luck: I have the privilege to make a positive difference to both people and businesses during their inevitable periods of change.

... and this was how I got there ...

  • 09.2015: Own business, Vorndran Consulting
  • 2015-2018 Cooperation with the consultancy company "Raum Für Führung GmbH"
  • 2010-2015 Consultant Raum Für Führung GmbH
  • 1993-2009: Personnel consultant and management trainer for Dresdner Bank AG in Dresden and Berlin. Since 2005, alongside my work as an employee, I also worked as a freelance communication trainer, also offering case-by-case coaching.

Qualifications and Study

  • 2009-2012 Systemic-Consulting Supervisor and Coach in accordance with the standards of the German Society for Supervision and Coaching e.V. (DGSv) at the BIF Berlin, today known as the Supervisionszentrum Berlin
  • 2003-2005 Certified Trainer at the Psychologischen Zentrum GbR Leipzig
  • 1988-1993 Masters Degree in Psychology (Dipl.-Psych.) Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena with a focus on social and organizational psychology.
  • I work in both German and English.

What else?

My coach is super(visor) or does the economy need the term supervision? In: journal.supervision 2.2012, p. 10-12.

My coach is super(visor) or does the economy need the term supervision?
In: journal.supervision 2.2012, p. 10-12.

Private life

1999-2000 Lived abroad in San Francisco

Bilingual English-German family with five children

Born in 1968


Sustainable results are what I aim for in my work as a consultant. Sustainability is also what I stand for with my own company. I want to be climate-neutral in both my work and my life. For business trips, I try to take the train, public transport or my bicycle whenever possible. If I do fly, I compensate my CO2 emissions for instance here: https://blueplanetcertificate.com/klimapartner/cert83/

Network of Experts I work with

Employee Assistance Programmes

stg – Die MitarbeiterBerater GmbH

New Placement Consulting

stg – Newplacement

Organisational counselling:

Riesner und Braun Consulting

Mediation and conflict consulting

Susanne Legler Kolibri Berlin

Personnel development projects and the analysis of leadership potential:

Monika Wieland


Independent of your budget, it is essential first for both you and me to know whether a possible cooperation would suit your needs.

It is important for me to assess right from the word go whether your objectives and the services I can offer match. A first meeting or phone call would then offer the opportunity for both parties to see whether the chemistry is right and as a second step we would then discuss fees. These would depend on your requirements and would typically mirror the industry standard.

If you have any further questions, please give me a ring or drop me a note Mobile phone +49 175 299 63 11 | sibylle@vorndran.consulting

I usually conduct my consultations and trainings in the Supervisionszentrum in Berlin-Schöneberg  .

I can also suggest appropriate places in other districts of Berlin or in other cities. Alternatively, I can come to your location.

I also conduct consultations, coaching or seminars online.

One consultancy session usually takes 90 minutes.

Depending on our agreement, management training sessions usually last between one and three days.

My work is clearly focused on your objectives. Whether we can reach them together will be clarified right at the beginning, during a detailed assessment of your needs. During the process of our cooperation we will repeatedly reflect on the progress that has been made in order to ensure we remain on track.

Usually you will work together with me personally. However, for bigger projects I work together with competent consultants selected from my network to ensure that all your requirements will be met.

What makes my work stand out is my insistence on a very detailed clarification of the tasks at hand so that both you and I will know right from the start what can be achieved. Many of my clients really appreciate my individual-oriented approach as well as the light touch and a sense of humour I bring on the way to finding very practical solutions. Neither a one-shoe-fits-all theory, nor my person are at the heart of our cooperation, but rather you and your particular requirements.

At present services such as coaching and supervision are not covered by health insurance.


Sibylle Vorndran

| Consultancy services
| Coaching and Supervision (DGSv)
| Management Training Sessions

Office address

Crellestr. 35 | 10827 Berlin
Mobil +49 175 299 63 11

Consultation rooms

Supervisionszentrum Berlin
Crellestr. 21
10827 Berlin-Schöneberg